Skin Care

Detoxification Body Wrap
This body wrap is the equivalent to a 20-minute cardiovascular session. A spa blend is added to a creamy body mask for a cryothermic effect on the body, encouraging the body to metabolize and burn calories. Leaves the skin toned, legs feeling light and refreshed. Also enhances circulation, improves skin tone, and detoxifies-skin is the largest organ for detoxification.

Body Scrub – Lavender Vanilla or Green Tea Lemongrass
Revitalize dry, dull skin with our exfoliating sugar body scrubs. This invigorating body treatment polishes your skin, revealing a healthy glow. Great for all skin types and includes complete body exfoliation in a relaxing and calming environment. Choose from Lavender Vanilla or Green Tea Lemongrass.

Electro impulses stimulate and smooth different facial muscles for smoother skin and an improved tighter appearance. This electro therapeutic massage stimulates the body’s own resources for certain hormone production including collagen and elastagen. Targeted areas of massage stimulation help the lymphatic system flush unwanted cell waste products from the body for improved skin appearance . Gentle impulses applied to acupuncture points located on the face stimulate the entire body’s meridian energy for a general sense of well-being and relaxation. A complete facial massage with ezzi-lift™ treatment stimulates energy meridians throughout the body and is similar to receiving a full body massage. The microcurrents enhance the body’s natural detoxifying processes. This is a wonderful little side “benefit.”

Expected Results:

  • Appearance of smoother, tighter skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • May be applied to scar tissue
  • Creates an overall feeling of relaxation throughout the body
  • Immediate noticeable improvement
  • Results last 7-10 days depending on technique applied
  • Results are accumulative
  • No down time —Does not cause redness or puffiness