Journey To Good Health “My colonics have been the best journey taken to good health. Darlene is an expert in the field of colon hydrotherapy. The environment is warm hearted, cozy, and very comfortable. It is like I never left home. Darlene is very caring, understanding, and gives good advice to better health. I love my visits to the Alternative Health Center. I plan to live healthy for the rest of my life and Darlene’s services are part of the plan.”
~ R.B.

 “Darlene has helped me and my family get healthier without medication.
I am grateful to have found her with her deep caring and extensive knowledge of the colon.
Thank you and see you soon!!”
~Stephanie of Holly Springs, NC on December 15, 2009

 “I have been a client of the Alternative Health Center since June 2005.
After very little success with medical doctors for chronic fatigue, pain and allergies,
etc., meeting Darlene was a blessing. She put me on the path to better health through
various therapies, detoxing, introducing a healthier diet. I have energy now & am pain
free. I continue to see Darlene to maintain health and still learn something new every
time I visit. Thank you, Darlene, for you caring, your kindness, and continued guidance
and for helping me regain my health.”
~ L. C. M.

 “Darlene Holloway is by far the best at everything she does. If you become a client, you will receive the finest service, and be on your way to a healthier and more vibrant you. I have known Darlene for over 10 years. During that time, I have received every service the clinic offers. I can definitively say it has changed my life for the better, from the little things like helping to relax and realign my body to the big things like helping remove dangerous bacteria from my colon and thereby restoring my health. Darlene is the expert at knowing exactly how to understand the human body, from the best techniques to use for the particular kind of massage you need, to being able to interpret the colon hydrotherapy experience so you can understand how to take better care of your internal health. She truly cares about every one of her clients. Even during times I’ve lived in other states, I have returned to NC to visit the clinic. I cannot say enough good things about Darlene Holloway and the Alternative Health Center of Cary. From the first phone call you will feel better, and it only gets better from there!”
~ Elizabeth Nelson

 ” I realize it takes real sacrifice and dedication to accomplish that you have in the health care field. I want to express my personal appreciation for putting me and hundreds of others on the road to good health.”
~ Lori Paloucci

 “Thank you for everything that you have done to help us over the last few weeks. We both have been feeling great!”
~ Susan and Jeff Papajcik

 “Guess what? My doctor says that my health is back on track. After being sick for so long, he wants to know what I have been doing. Our little secret for now.”
~Norine B. Bassett

 “Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and address my health concerns. Obviously you have gone the extra mile. Your kindness is deeply appreciated.”
~Christeen Speer

 “After our first visit we were convinced: keep the colon clean! You have made believers out of us. We cannot thank you enough.”
~Rita Stokes and family

 “Just a brief note to compliment your 5 star facility. Your entire operation is quite impressive. I will definitely be recommending you to others interested in professional health care.”
~Joshua Lee

 “2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went along with the traditional procedures, but I also sought out the Alternative Health Center of Cary’s methods. I believe God doesn’t make junk. I wanted my body to heal itself. I found Darlene in the telephone book and set out to meet her. She was so caring and attentive to everything I said. She is an expert in her field, and is a professional in every way as she explains the colonic procedure. I would go to her just before my chemotherapy to cleanse my colon so that my body would be in its best shape to receive it. Whenever I had a side effect on any of my medications, I would always rely on Darlene to tell me how to best combat it. It always worked! Thanks to Darlene! I will always seek her help and expertise. All my friends and relatives have seen the difference Darlene has made in me. I highly recommend Darlene is anyone is seeking a natural way for the body to heal itself.”
~Miriam L.