Weight Loss Program

What is HCG?
Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is the key protein in the human body that ensures healthy fat metabolism. HCG is the key substance required to inspire the hypothalamus gland to regulate your body’s metabolic rate.  Clinical studies have revealed HCG is the essential substance that tells the body to fix the metabolic disorder that leads to abnormal fat gain. Unlike conventional weight loss methods that fail time and time again, HCG supplementation has been scientifically proven to trigger permanent fat loss the way nature intended. In fact, a diet supplemented with HCG is so effective that the body immediately begins to deal with the fat in the most efficient way possible thereby helping you reach the perfect weight for your frame rapidly and without harming your health in any way.

HCG Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I lose?
When you correctly follow a HCG diet plan, you don’t just lose the weight, you lose the right weight. Rather than risk your health by depleting your muscles, organs or water levels, a HCG diet will target only abnormal fat and that’s really what you want. So how much of your unwanted fat will you lose? Most men report a loss of 1-3 lbs per day. Most women report a loss of 0.5 – 1 lb per day. With such massive fat loss it won’t take long for you to lose all of your unwanted unhealthy weight.

How long do I have to continue on the HCG diet?
Not long at all. It usually takes a single HCG diet cycle of only 26 days, or 42 days if you have more than 25 pounds of fat to lose. If you are unable to lose all of your unhealthy weight by the end of your first cycle it may be necessary to repeat the diet for a second cycle. Whether one cycle or two is what you need, either way your HCG diet remains extremely short term.

What exercise do I need to perform?
There is no specific exercise required on a HCG diet since the diet itself corrects the issue of fat storage at its core without the need for physical activity at all. Of course, to suggest you shouldn’t exercise at all would be irresponsible as exercise most definitely delivers a host of other benefits beyond the issue of fat loss. We do offer a Detoxifying Body Wrap here at the clinic that we recommend. It is the equivalent to a 20 min cardiovascular session, encouraging the body to metabolize and burn calories.

Do I need to limit my calories?
Yes. While on the HCG diet you will be required to follow a 500 calorie per day protocol.

Isn’t a very low calorie diet unhealthy?
If you undertake a very low calorie diet without HCG supplementation or with a low grade HCG product then yes, you are putting your health at risk. A HCG supplemented diet influences your body to draw all of its energy only from your abnormal and excess fat, leaving your muscles and organs functioning healthily. HCG is the only way to drop your pounds fast.

Are there any side effects from HCG?
While HCG itself is side-effect free, one can experience mild to severe flu-like symptoms when beginning the HCG diet. Fat cells are a prime storage place for harmful toxins. When you begin losing weight, those toxins are released into the body and can cause muscle aches, joint aches and headaches. These toxins must be removed through the colon. Dietary changes often result in constipation or sluggish elimination, and these toxins can be reabsorbed into the body. Internal cleansing and supplementation is essential to remove these wastes and toxins, which in turn will help expedite the weight loss process and enhance natural energy. Ion Detoxification is also beneficial in removing toxins from the body. If you are taking medications, it is advisable to check with your prescription doctor before undertaking your HCG diet.

Won’t I just regain the fat once I stop my HCG diet?
No, and this is why the HCG diet is so effective and popular. In fact, up to 90% of HCG dieters claim they are easily able to stay at their newfound healthy weight once their HCG diet has run its initial course. One of the reasons this is true is because HCG diet supplementation helps to reset the body back to its natural healthy fat metabolizing capability.

How is it possible I won’t get hunger cravings?
Here’s where a HCG diet shines. HCG supplementation actively suppresses food cravings. Hunger cravings primarily relate to the need of the body for energy. But on a HCG diet, your energy requirements are completely fulfilled thanks to rapid fat metabolism. Even though you’re only consuming 500 calories while on the diet, your body actually receives thousands of calories to meet its energy from fat that is being broken down. Even once you start eating normally again you’ll find yourself feeling less hunger cravings than you did before the HCG diet because your body now burns fat for energy as a priority over storing it for later use. Remember a HCG diet isn’t simply a diet; it’s a scientific process for resetting your system into optimum fat burning mode that extends beyond the diet itself.

Homeopathic vs. Authentic HCG?
HCG comes in two forms, injections or Homeopathic spray. Oral HCG is the most popular HCG supplement. HCG has become so popular that to meet rising demand numerous sources of HCG are popping up all over the world. Unfortunately, many are supplying extremely low grade products, or so-called “homeopathic HCG” some of which contain virtually no HCG at all. At best, these scams waste your money and reward you with zero healthy weight loss. At worst, such low grade products may cause you to gain more weight than what you started with. But when your diet is supplemented with real, authentic HCG you can expect fat loss results that are nothing short of phenomenal.

What do people who have tried HCG say about it?
“I have gone through an amazing transformation and really like how natural and healthy this diet feels! I have tried many diets in the past but never lost weight that was so visible and dramatic and stayed off!”
– Elaine
“I can confidently say that the HCG diet has worked well for me. I was 40 pounds overweight at the beginning of my HCG diet. I lost 30 pounds while on the diet. In a few weeks I plan on using the diet again to lose the extra 10 pounds and have no doubts about it working once again. The protocol of the diet is quite simple and the food enough to sustain, but you must follow the protocol strictly. I used En.r.g at times to ease hunger pains, but relied on it less and less throughout the diet. I have recommended it to several people who have also had success with the diet.”

“The HCG Protocol has given me my life back! Weight was never a problem for me until my pregnancies; my first at age 22. Each one added more weight and in my quest to loose and keep it off I had worked on the same 100 lb. more times than I care to admit. My joints ached, I hadn’t felt decent in months and my morning headaches just wouldn’t go away. And then my prayers were answered. . . .
A wonderful friend introduced me to the possibilities of HCG and it has changed my life. I was apprehensive in the beginning and started researching. After much research, and talking with Darlene Holloway, my friend and I decided the closest thing to Dr. Simeon’s original protocol to be our best option.
I knew I could not cook for my husband/family and live a double standard. He agreed and helped me in every way he could. My life as I knew it was going to change and I WAS READY mentally.
We set the date to begin! Being each others coach, mentor, prayer partner, and supporter made things so easy. Yes, I said easy. We began our journey and never looked back….
We studied and almost memorized the protocol, made the grocery list, knew exactly what had to happen in order for the HCG protocol to work. The 2 day binge was easy of course and the HCG began working just as it was suppose to. I had ditched my normal make-up, changed my lotions, toothpaste, and purchased my new scale so that I could be sure my morning readings would be correct. I also began a kidney cleanse along with scheduling my colonics with Darlene.
I weighed faithfully each morning and began seeing the pounds just drop away. I had a routine to my day and for the first time in years, I BECAME THE #1 PRIORITY in my day. I was doing this for ME, and my journey became easier by the day as the weight melted away. Talk about incentive. . . . the amount of weight loss alone was enough and then my headaches disappeared after releasing the toxins that had built up in my body from the everyday chemicals and processed foods.
How much weight you ask . . . . I began at 280+ lbs. and on my first round with the HCG protocol I lost 60+ lbs. I began my journey the end of February. I have since lost more on my own because now I enjoy walking and exercising. I don’t have headaches in the mornings and I have completely emptied my clothes (fat clothes) from my closet.
And no, I am not shopping for new clothes just yet because in September I will begin a new session on the HCG Protocol.
I have regained NO weight (the Protocol works!)and I eat what I want. I listen to my body now and I eat differently than what I used to. The difference in how I feel and what this has done for me is such an eye opener. I can take control and I did!
When I began this season of my life, I was fortunate not to be on prescription medications. I had no pre-existing conditions to deal with. I just knew if I didn’t do something, my health situation was looking rather bleak.
Darlene Holloway and her staff were knowledgeable, very supportive and friendly. I didn’t have to worry that my probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, or HCG were the best because they made sure I had the best.
My one piece of advice if you are considering the HCG Protocol:
The right mindset! You have to be mentally ready to take the challenge. I did, I do, and I will again. I will be at least another 30 lbs. lighter this Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and will begin another season in my life: A healthy weight, feeling good, and not having to worry about regaining the same 100+ pounds that I have struggled with over this last decade.
May God bless you and I’ll pray for your success.”

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